Henri Toivonen

I live in the northern parts of Sweden, from where many of the pictures are taken. I try to depicture the desolate, decayed and cold areas that exist in my area and mind.

I got my first camera when I was around 6-7 years old. It was terrible, and I think I shot one roll with it before I forgot all about it. 2003 I got my first own digital camera. But at that point, digital image quality was lacking, and it felt more like a toy than a serious tool.

My dad had some old film photography gear from his youth, and he gave me all that stuff. And I got involved with the dark room my highschool had. So around 2004 I started shooting film, started working in a photo store, and was very into photography for many years.

Fast forward to today, and even though I have a couple of DSLR:s I still shoot film for my personal projects. I love my Pentax MX:s and my Hasselblad 500CM, and I love the feeling of developing and seeing the results made with my own two hands.



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