Budapest - Oriental Seagull 400 in D76 1+1

Bought a roll of Oriental Seagull when I was in Japan last year. It is a very cheap BW product that, from what I have been able to research about it, is a Harman (Ilford) made product that is exclusive for the Japanese market, and it is NOT a rebranded Kentmere 400.

(Edit: It seems it is just rebranded Kentmere in the end, and they were just telling marketing lies.)

Film edges are marged with OR NSG 400. Film doesn't curl much at all, kinda like latest generation Ilford products.

Every film that is not a rebranded Kentmere or Fomapan interests me of course, so gotta try it. Shot this roll with the Lomo LC-A while spending New years in Budapest. So here are some street photos.

General feelings are that this is a quite grainy, old style emulsion. Latitude seems fine, film speed is not exaggerated, it is probably very close to actual 400. One roll is not enough for a proper review but, so far, I like it. I'll pick up some more rolls next time I'm in Tokyo.