New scanner and new pics

Got myself a proper scanner now for medium format, an Epson v800. First impressions - image quality has improved a lot now from my old dslr+lightbox method. Silverfast has a pain in the ass licensing system though, I already have a licence for my Plustek scanner, but they are not of the exact same type (one is 8SE one is regular 8) I can't use both scanners with the same installation. Either I keep installing the one I want to use when I change scanners, or I pay €70 for the upgrade of the non-SE version to the SE one. That is just terrible terrible customer service.

Silverfast is a pretty nice piece of software but small things like this make me really dislike the software and them as a company. Why put in all these software locks..

I've been travelling a bit and shot some more rolls. I also did a small photoshoot for a finnish clothes brand called FM/AM, you can probably spot which ones those are. Anywho, here are some random pics that are recent!


And one last thing, here is a picture of a master at work.