Krasnogorsk 3 and small test with Svema Co-32D (Свема ЦО-32д )

So it all started with that I accidentally bidded on a 400ft roll of 16mm film. I thought it was 35mm, and it wasn't so I started looking into what I could do with this roll. I got it at a very good price, but it felt like such a waste to just let it expire even more in the fridge.

Then I came across this russian old 16mm camera people kept talking of as a good cheap beginner 16mm camera, and I read all about it. It felt like a perfect match, I have had a dream of doing some movie stuff too, not just still photography. Maybe this was a good opportunity.

So I found a cheap Krasnogorsk 3, found some cheap expired soviet-era film for it so I didn't have to waste my precious Kodak 500T in case I messed up. I found the parts to modify it to Super 16 (16:9 aspect ratio instead of 4:3), and started opening it up, cleaning all the parts, and modifying it. There was a bunch of problems, lens didn't focus to infinity, the viewfinder was really grimey with some sort of oily substance so everything was just a blur (still is pretty bad though).

Eventually I got things going, took some test shots in my kitchen, developed it in black and white chems (no color image but that doesn't matter) and scanned it frame by frame with my flatbed scanner just to get a feel for how it works, if everything is aligned properly etc.

This is the end result. I have some interesting real projects coming soon, however right now it is pretty much dark 24/7 outside, so it might have to wait until february or thereabouts.