Pohjola-opisto was a school that was in use between 1956 and 2002, in a town called Haukipudas near the city of Oulu. Since the year 2010 the buildings have been empty and slowly but surely are deteriorating due to vandalism and weather. 

I was there in the summer of 2017 and shot these pictures with my trusty Hasselblad and Diana F with some slide film that I cross processed.

Digital pictures above taken with my Oneplus5.

Besides these pictures, I found the remnants of what seemed to be their photo lab. There was a huge amount of negative sleeves just lying around in the room. A bit naughty of me, but I took a few of them with me home to scan. If you recognize anybody in the pictures, I would love to know more about the people and the pictures. They were most likely taken in the mid 90s. They were in very bad shape, I tried washing them the best I could, but as you can see they have some serious damage.

The finnish wikipedia page for the school is here.