Svema TSNL 65 pt.2

This is the second part of my experiments with Svema TSNL which should not really be processed in C41 since it expects an ancient process called C22. Read the first part here.

This time i developed at 25.5C for 11min, agitated for the first minute straight and then about every 30s an inversion. About twice as much agitation as last time.

I blixed for 11 minutes instead of 10min (or 6+4 really), also more agitation.

Exposed at around ISO12.

I'd say that the images are more "normal looking", but still have this weird monochrome picture overlayed over a weird random color cast. I kinda liked the extreme contrasty color blotches of last time, this looks more.. subdued.. I still think the silver did not get fixed away, either my blix has gone bad or I should be blixing for much longer. But difficult to judge, could be just harsh base fog.

Here are some example pics