Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing

Alright, back home. Just thought I'd write down some tips that someone might possibly find through google.

  • Immigration for schengen countries is easy in HK. You don't need a visa. They are not super strict about it, they just let you through.
  • There is a bullet train in the airport that takes you to Hong Kong Central pretty cheaply
  • Using subways in Hong Kong is super easy, and google maps works just fine since it's not Mainland China
  • People speak a bit english, not as much as you'd assume, but still enough to get by
  • Hong Kong is not cheap, food is pretty expensive in general
  • Fantastic street photography opportunities, probably the best I've EVER experienced. You got the neo-futuristic neon signs combined with people burning trash on the streets. Poor vs rich
  • Flights from HK to Tokyo were pretty expensive, there are some low-cost carriers but I generally avoid them
  • I've spent in total now of 2 months in Tokyo, spread over 3 years. That place kinda feels like my second home. If you have any questions, happy to answer them!
  • There have been a resurgence of film in the camera stores in Tokyo. All the major places had some shelves, even small shops seemed to stock film again.
  • Fuji Acros 100 120 propack was MUCH cheaper than in europe! I bought two.
  • Fuji chems are very cheap, and pretty "rare", they don't seem to sell them overseas at all. Bought microfine and another one, will give them a proper review later on!
  • Beijing immigration is as bad as you have heard, but you can get in without a visa if you come from a select list of countries and you are going to spend less than 72 in the country. It took us about 2h to get through immigration, I would not recommend anybody to transfer with less time than this! Very badly organized airport!
  • People are very rude in Beijing, internet access is limited and poor. You have to rely on old fashioned paper maps, and it will still be difficult to get around. And the city is HUGE. VERY big, don't expect to just walk to different places.
  • Lucky SHD100 is much much cheaper than in europe! But I didn't have time to actually go and buy some. :( Big disappointment.
  • Food and drinks are cheap unless you're going to a fancy place. Beer in supermarket is same price as water.
  • Security when flying out is BAD. Immigration and security took us about 1h. Be at the airport minimum 2h before departure. Not a minute less.

Alright, I shot 14 rolls, so the pics from the trip will start dropping in soon.