JCH Street pan is Agfa Aviphot 400

There’s some pretty compelling evidence online that JCH Street pan is actually just rebranded Agfa Aviphot 400, that got discontinued a while back.

This film stock can also be found under the brand name Rollei Retro 400.

I am not at all surprised, since it has that same kind of feel that the other Aviphot films have, with the clear base, extended IR sensitivity and hard contrast in shadows.

Googling around I found some forum post where somebody mentioned that the language in the specs were similar so I compared them, and yes, indeed, it seems Bellamy Hunt has pretty much just copy pasted the Aviphot description.

In an upcoming blog post I will write about Astrum Foto 100 which you can get pretty cheaply online. People claim it’s old Svema film stock but nope, its just respooled Agfa Aviphot 80. I am pretty sure of it. It feels and looks almost identical to Silberra Pan100 which is, surprise surprise, also Agfa Aviphot 80. This seems to be a trend currently, where the Aviphot stuff is rebranded into all sorts of other names..