Lomography Color XPro Sunset strip in E6

I got my hands on a slighly expired 3-pack of this film for cheap, and I thought, what the heck. In general I am not a fan of Lomography films. I don’t like pre-flashed films and stuff like redscale is in my opinion a huge waste of film.

Oh well, this film is supposedly meant to be cross processed, which means that it is really an E6 film. So I thought I’d soup it in E6 (since I just mixed up a batch of chems) to see what’s going on.

It was pretty much what I guessed beforehand, the film is just preflashed (in other words, exposed to light) with a orange/yellow light. The preflashing reduces contrast and makes the film more susceptible for color-shifts towards the colors used in the pre-flashing, in this case, orange/yellow. This kinda gives a “sunset” vibe to your pictures, and with the reduced contrast, when cross-processing you increase contrast - you can get some decent looking pictures.

The problem for me is that I always color correct my scans, and try to fix any color shifts I might see, so I always “fix” problems like this and just get sub-par images in the end. I have the same problem with cross-processing, I just end up with high contrast images that I usually don’t like.

Anyway, I tried to leave these example pics more close to original than I would normally do. It looks to me like it’s some consumer grade, not that great, slidefilm that got this pre-flashing treatment. I don’t think it’s Fuji film, because it curls alot and Fuji films are fantastic in this sense, they never curl too much.

Would I buy again? Nope. Do I regret this purchase? Nah, this is gonna be fun for some random Lomo LC-A shots. Oh well, that’s it for this short review! Here are some shots!