Kodak Double-X (5222) in Xtol 1+1

There has not been a lot of blog posts recently, I have been busy with other stuff and not really shooting that much film. But during September I go to Asia for a longer trip where I try to shoot as much as possible. This time I spent a few days in Taipei where I went to a couple of camera stores that also carried film and I found a roll of Kodak Double-X for cheap. I remember reading about how it can be quite contrasty, and better to pull process a little bit, so I shot it at ISO200 and developed in XTOL 1+1 for 9,5 minutes at 20c. I was careful to not let the liquid actually get warmer than that.

The film is stll quite contrasty, results would probably be better in the developer it was made for, namely D96, but I was very pleasantly surprised nonetheless. It is grainy and traditional, sure, but for a street photo film I think it really nails the look I am going for. It is gritty, contrasty but not lacking in shadow detail, grainy but the grain is not very large.

Judge for yourself, here are some example pictures taken from Aomori and Tokyo, Japan, during September 2019.